Last Stonelord   Press Kit

Last Stonelord is an Old school Rpg with some Rts elements , awakened in a unknow land, you have to conquer your way towards glory and become a Stonelord ! Gather, craft , build, fight  and raise your empire!

Description :

  • Start with nothing and try to survive.
  • Huge world with dynamic events.
  • Build and defend your village. Grow it into a big city with lots of NPC followers ready to work for you.
  • Move fast riding mounts, trains and boats, transport more Craft Item with Karts.
  • Explore dangerous places with lots of secrets and treasures.
  • Craft quality items based on your skills levels, almost everythings can be player made.
  • Develop your Avatar as warrior , mage or artisan !
  • No fixed class , exp or caps lavels, only skills to train!
  • Your actions influence your karma, will you become good or evil?
  • HD screenshots and logo available as .zip

    Fact Sheet :

  • Developer : Livio Morganti.
  • Release Date : summer 2017 for early access.
  • Platforms : PC , Mac, with future console support.
  • Price : Euro 10/15 for early access , Euro 20 release
  • Availability : Digital Download.
  • Languages : English , Italian, others follow with release.
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 
  • Steam Greenlight : Greenlight.
  • Teaser Trailer.
  • Press Contact : mail